Friday, May 24, 2019

What's new on Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video & Hulu in June 2019

The shows and movies dropping into various streaming options this June include several exciting titles. I always make myself a list of what to watch for, so I'll share that with you, highlighting the ones I'm anticipating most and including links to full lists of new titles for each platform. Here we go!

New on Netflix in June 2019

Most anticipated: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse on June 26. This megahit took the Oscar for Best Animated Feature and has been on my to-rent list ever since it dropped on digital (I love it when something I'd been meaning to rent lands on a service I already subscribe to). The trailer looks gorgeous! For an enthusiastic discussion to whet your appetite while you wait, check out the Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast singing its praises.

Other standouts include:
June 1 
-Cabaret: If you've been watching Fosse/Verdon on FX, you'll surely be in the mood to watch (or rewatch) this classic.

June 5
-Black Mirror Season 5: With only three episodes this season, I'm hoping that means every one is a knockout (though nothing could ever top the San Junipero episode in my book). Here are Season 5 episode descriptions and trailers.

June 11
-Ralph Breaks the Internet

Date TBD
-Jessica Jones Season 3

Full list of what's coming to Netflix in June 2019

New on HBO in June 2019

Most anticipated: Big Little Lies Season 2 on June 9. Season 1 kicked ass and took names in the category of shows everyone had to see the night it aired. I don't know if they can replicate the magic, but I'll be tuning in to find out.

Other standouts include:
June 8
-A Star is Born (2018 version)

June 15
-The Hate U Give

Full list of what's coming to HBO in June 2019

New on Amazon Prime Video in June 2019

Most anticipated: Wiseguy, the TV series that ran from 1987-1990. I think this is the series in question, that is. Every list I've seen shows eight seasons will stream for free on Amazon in June, but the problem is there are only four seasons. I can't find another TV series called Wiseguy, so I'm guessing it's the one I knew and loved about an undercover agent who went to jail to establish a cover so he could infiltrate organized crime on his release. I never saw the ending, so now's my chance. A search on Amazon shows different links to this show on streaming video, and one of 'em is already showing as included with Prime, while the others charge at the moment.

Other standouts include:
-Juliet, Naked
(Idris Elba's directorial debut)
-Desperately Seeking Susan (if you watched the outstanding doc Three Identical Strangers, you know to watch for the triplets' cameo in this film)
-Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Full list of what's coming to Amazon Prime Video in June 2019

New on Hulu in June 2019

Most anticipated: The Handmaid's Tale Season 3 on June 5. Can't wait to see where this goes! For a look back at last season and a look at confirmed plot points for the new one, check this out.

Other standouts include:
June 3
-The Weekly: This new documentary series by the New York Times airs on both FX and Hulu, with the premiere launching on FX on June 2 and then streaming on Hulu the next day. Each half hour episode follows a Times journalist investigating a story. As a former journalist myself, this actually tied for my most anticipated Hulu show. Learn more about it here.
-Vox Lux

Full list of what's coming to Hulu in June 2019

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