Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes: Best bets to read, listen and watch

If you can't get enough of tales about Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos, have I got a slew of bingeable options for you. Take your pick: listen, watch or read, there are many ways to ingest this endlessly fascinating story.

You've probably heard a lot about Elizabeth Holmes lately, the young founder of Theranos, a blood-testing company that turned out to not be at all what it seemed. She raised a mountain of cash from investors and became the youngest woman to be a self-made billionaire (this, of course, was before Kylie Jenner busted all records on that front). That all crashed hard, and now she's awaiting criminal trial on numerous fraud charges (she has pleaded not guilty).

For an excellent rundown of the three best current options for your Theranos fix, the folks at Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast did a recent episode titled "Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos in Pop Culture." It's just 20 minutes long and provides an entertaining overview of what's out there right now (and I'll add to that with a bit about projects in the works).

The PCHH crew discuss:
- The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley. This documentary is available on HBO. (My husband and I watched it recently, and it brought the whole bizarre tale together for me in a way I hadn't fully understood before.) While this wasn't their favorite of the three, the group at PCHH recommended it as a good starting point. It gets your feet wet and gives you a visual on all the key players.
-The Dropout. A six-part podcast that sounds very bingeable (I'm trying to save this for summer road trips, but I'm not sure I'll hold out!)
-Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup. This bestselling book by John Carreyrou delves deep and sounds like a winner.

What to watch for next

If that isn't enough, both Kate McKinnon and Jennifer Lawrence will play Holmes in upcoming projects.

Hulu ordered a limited series based on The Dropout podcast starring McKinnon (best known from Saturday Night Live and countless awesome impersonations). A big-screen adaption of the book, Bad Blood, is also in the works, this time starring Jennifer Lawrence as Holmes. There's not even a release date yet, and already I can't wait!

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