Thursday, May 2, 2019

Big Little Lies returns in June, Nine Perfect Strangers coming to Hulu

Liane Moriarty can't stop winning. Season two of the HBO must-see series Big Little Lies (based on  her bestselling book) begins on June 9, while her latest bestseller, Nine Perfect Strangers, just got the greenlight at Hulu. Nicole Kidman will produce and star.

The second season of Big Little Lies enters uncharted territory for book fans, as the first season wrapped up where the novel ended. The perfection of season one makes me almost wish producers had ended it there. For me, watching the season two trailer goes down like a queasy cocktail of anticipation and angst, all rolled up in a hard little ball in the pit of my stomach. Even if it's good, can it be anywhere near as good as season one? But of course I'll watch. Immediately, the night each new episode airs.

As for Nine Perfect Strangers, it follows nine people with various motivations that lead them to a remote health resort. Then things get weird. There's humor and heart aplenty, as with all Moriarty's novels. I can't wait!

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