Thursday, February 10, 2022

I Would Be Doing This Anyway by Jia Tolentino

I Would Be Doing This Anyway by Jia Tolentino
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lives lived on social media, superficial Insta posts, artificial perfection. This short story delves into that and more, feeling very of the moment.

It's told in the time of Covid, and deals with the odd place we're in now. It involves a friendship (kind of?) between two women, one a wealthy Instagram influencer who faces backlash for some of her out-of-touch posts, the other a down-on-her-luck social media coordinator. 

There's a moment where the tale shifts into an alternate reality, where history takes a turn. It works for the story.

This short listen (or read, as the case may be) was entertaining and thought-provoking. I mostly listened, but I could see going back to do a read to focus on bits I may have missed here and there (listening while doing housework, dontcha know). The ebook is free for Amazon Prime members, and you can get the Audible version free when you borrow the book. The audio features excellent narration by Kellie Marie Tran (of Star Wars fame).

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