Friday, December 18, 2020

Snow Day by Julie Lipson

You want a short, sweet Christmas romance set in a winter wonderland? You want to listen while you fold laundry and walk the dog? What, you even want it to be fun, like a play, with different voice actors and sound effects to bring it to life? Ok, fine, you got it.

The light-hearted, hopeful Snow Day by Julie Lipson is a merry holiday tale. I'd call it more of an audio play than an audiobook. Runtime is just over an hour, so it's easy to fit in here and there.

It's free to paid Audible members, and that's the only worthwhile way to acquire this. Amazon has it listed for about $13, which is freakin' ridiculous. Don't even consider paying that for this little story. But if you get it free with membership, it's an enjoyable listen.

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