Sunday, March 8, 2020

Cool Stuff to Watch

Cool Stuff to Watch

I've found lots of great things to watch in the past few months. If you're looking for something new to stream, or want an entertainment game plan in case you need to avoid crowds and stay home in the coming weeks and months, check this out!

Cool Stuff to Watch

Picard. This show exceeded my expectations. As a lifelong Star Trek fan who loved many of its incarnations, this is my favorite of the bunch. It requires a subscription to CBS All Access to stream, and if, like me, commercials are a no-go for you, that's gonna run you $10 a month. Since all previously aired episodes of the show are available, and the final episode airs March 26, you could subscribe now and just pay for one month to get the whole season (especially since you should get kicked off with a week's free trial, so that gives you five weeks to view them all). Pro Tip: I've heard CBS All Access is prone to charging you several days before your plan is set to expire. Don't wait until the last minute to cancel, and if you paid via PayPal, take the extra precaution of cancelling payment there as well as at the CBS site. Keep your mind on your money, folks!

McMillions. McDonald's used to run a Monopoly game with a few big cash prizes, some as high as $1 million. And it was all rigged. Not by the restaurant, but in an intricate scam you'll have to see to believe. The story of how the FBI investigated it is as fascinating as the slowly revealed tale of how the whole con worked. There are a total of six episodes, airing on HBO. At times the episodes move a little slowly, but trust this: they pick back up and practically explode if you hang in there.

Cheer. You've probably already heard about this Netflix documentary series following a competitive cheer squad from a Texas community college. They win a lot, they work a lot, they get injured a lot. And they find meaning, hope and structure in their sport as well. Pop Culture Happy Hour dedicates a podcast to the subject (along with commentary on the USA series Dare Me) if you want more details.

Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice. I didn't know a lot about Linda Ronstadt before watching this, couldn't really name any of her songs (though I recognized several once I watched the film). I did know many musicians referred to her as having the greatest voice in pop music. Since I love music, and won't turn down a good documentary, I gave it a go and really enjoyed learning more about her unique style and career. It aired on CNN and may air again (check listings), or you can rent it on Amazon Prime Video or other digital rental sites.

Young & Promising. This comedy/drama has been described as the Norwegian Girls. It kind of is, but not really. It's about three 20-something women figuring out their lives, loves, and careers. Very addictive. Three of the four seasons are available with a subscription to Masterpiece PBS via Amazon Prime Video.

Seaside Hotel. Another show with subtitles, but so worth the read! This drama with comic touches is set in Denmark, with the series starting in 1928. Underneath the storylines about life, love, money, and what's for dinner, there's a rarely hinted at, slowly building hum that the characters are blissfully unaware of but the viewers can hear – the coming of World War II and the German occupation of Denmark. You'll need a Masterpiece PBS subscription to watch this on Amazon Prime Video.

You Should be Sad by Halsey. I saw this performance on SNL and proceeded to listen to the song on repeat. This is more of a cool thing to listen to, but you can watch the video on YouTube, making it a cool watch as well. Excellent breakup song for when you're really glad it's over.

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