Friday, February 28, 2020

What to Watch March 2020

Spring is nigh, and this TV lover's thoughts turn to new shows on the horizon. As always, I've made my list of shows we'll be looking for in the Choco household, and I'm sharing it with you, dear readers, along with links to everything coming to the ever-expanding universe of streaming services.

And away we go!

Netflix – March 2020

March 27
Ozark Season 3

Hulu – March 2020

A deal between Hulu and FX takes effect in March, which will mean some new FX shows will drop on Hulu the day after they air rather than a longer wait. It will also add access to FX's library of past shows, like American Horror Story. As of late February there are eight seasons of AHS on Hulu, so I'm assuming this new agreement means the ninth season will also be added. The same will likely be true of other FX shows that already appear in the Hulu library but currently don't include all the seasons.

March 3

March 5
Devs (FX on Hulu, meaning it airs exclusively on Hulu, not on FX on cable)

March 6
Better Things Season 4

March 18
Little Fires Everywhere

HBO – March 2020

March 7

March 15 
Westworld Season 3

March 16
My Brilliant Friend Season 2
The Plot Against America

March 22 
Blinded by the Light 

Amazon Prime Video – March 2020

Nothing makes my list this month, other than Beecham House, which requires an Amazon channels subscription to PBS Masterpiece (which I treated myself to recently!) But that doesn't mean you won't find something to watch, so glance at the full listing (linked below).

Full list of what's coming to Amazon Prime Video

Showtime – March 2020

March 6

March 14

Apple TV Plus – March 2020

Disney Plus – March 2020

March 13

Broadcast TV – March 2020

March 2 
Breeders (FX)

March 5
Better Things Season 4 (FX)

March 17
Niall Ferguson’s Networld (PBS)

March 27
Somewhere South (PBS)

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