Monday, September 30, 2019

What to Watch October 2019

It's my favorite time of the month again! Time to look ahead for what to watch for the new month, in this case October! I've made the list for the Choco household so we don't forget to watch anything spread across the many services we have, and I'm sharing it with you below.

Here are my picks for shows and movies to catch, as well as links to everything new coming to various streaming outlets so you can add your own picks.

And away we go!

Broadcast TV  –
What to Watch October 2019

October 2
Almost Family (Fox) – This is an American remake of the Australian show Sisters, currently available on Netflix (there's only one wonderful season of it). From the trailer it looks to be lacking some element that makes the Aussie version so appealing. Early days, though; the original was so good I'd be remiss not to at least check out the remake.

October 6
Press (PBS) – This six-part BBC drama is described on IMDb as "... set in the world of newspapers – its past riven by hacking scandals, its present at the mercy of the digital age and the 24 hour news cycle, its future uncertain." It gets 7.3 on IMDb, which ain't bad at all. As a former journalist in the US who also lived in the UK for awhile and got a small feel for the somewhat different flavor of journalism there, this rings my bell.

Netflix – What to Watch October 2019

October 1
Nikki Glaser: Bangin’ 

October 4
Big Mouth Season 3
Peaky Blinders Season 5

October 11
El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie – If you loved Breaking Bad, you'll want to catch this one.

October 18
Living with Yourself – Paul Rudd stars. Netflix describes this series as: "Lurking inside you is another you. A better you. A you that you – and everyone else – is going to love." Not gonna lie, the trailer bored me and I didn't finish. BUT I like Paul Rudd, so if the reviews are positive I'll give the show a go.
The Laundromat – This comedy from Steven Soderbergh stars Meryl Streep as a widow investigating insurance fraud. Loads of other stars appear, but they had me at Meryl. It premiered at the Venice Film Festival and may be headed to the Oscars.

October 22
Jenny Slate: Stage Fright – Slate presents a comedy special with a twist. There's standup, but also clips of her childhood and family interviews.

October 24
Daybreak – Netflix describes this series as: "Navigating a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies and Mad Max-style gangs, a teenage outcast searches for his lost love in this humorous drama series." I'm not big on zombies, tbh. But a bunch of teens banding together to survive the Apocalypse? And it's comedic (at least somewhat)? I'm not made of stone, people. I'm in. Tentatively.

October 25
Dolemite Is My Name – Eddie Murphy! Playing the role of real-life comedian Rudy Ray Moore! Could this be a return to form of Murphy's '80s flicks? I sure hope so!
Bojack Horseman Season 6 This is the first half of the final season. Part two lands on January 31, 2020.

Epix – What to Watch October 2019

October 6 
Get Shorty Season 3 – As I have mentioned before, Ray Romano is a golden god. He stars in this terrific series along with Chris O'Dowd, and they're both awesome.

Pro Tip/Little Secret: If you have Internet via Spectrum, Epix is included free online. Login to the Epix website or app (do NOT use EpixNow) using your Spectrum login and you're good to go. Not sure if this is available from all Spectrum providers as mergers have changed company names, but from what I can tell by reading up online it looks like many versions of Spectrum around the country get this deal. This bonus is rarely advertised, but now you know!

Hulu – What to Watch October 2019

October 18
Looking for Alaska - This is based on a John Green novel I haven't read (Wounds), but seems worth a look.

October 23
Castle Rock Season 2  

HBO – What to Watch October 2019

October 5
Gary Gulman: The Great Depresh 

October 20

October 21
Catherine the Great miniseries 

October 27
Silicon Valley Season 6 (The FINAL season!) 
Mrs. Fletcher - Stars Kathryn Hahn and is based on a novel by Tom Perrotta. Here's the lowdown.

Amazon Prime Video –
What to Watch October 2019

October 18
Modern Love – This new series is based on the New York Times column and features plenty of famous faces bringing the stories to life.

Full list of what's coming to Amazon Prime Video in October

Showtime – What to Watch October 2019

October 6
Back to LifeThis six-part British comedy comes to us from the producer of Fleabag. It's about a woman who returns to her small town after spending 18 years in prison. Problems ensue.

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