Thursday, August 1, 2019

Cool Stuff to Read and Watch

Hello again! Around here the temperature finally dropped (a smidge) and I've been enjoying reading, watching TV, and nosing around the web. Here are some cool things I've found that you may like, too:

Cool Links for Book Lovers

Song lyrics as book covers. Someone's only gone and designed vintage book covers inspired by and featuring his favorite song lyrics! It's creative, cool, and available to buy as prints.

Books page at The Guardian. In addition to book reviews, author interviews, and bookish news, they offer a roundup of selected readers' book comments and Bookstagram posts in their recurring "Tips, links and suggestions" feature. You can join in by tagging book-related Instagram posts with #GuardianBooks.

Cool Shows to Watch

Years and Years. This brilliant six-part series may be the best show of the year. It takes viewers on a trip through the near future spanning 15 years as experienced through the lives of a family in England. The storylines are frighteningly believable, touching at times, and tempered with a dash of humor. Through it all, the bonds of a loving family shine through. The last episode aired Monday on HBO, but if you subscribe through your cable or a streaming service, you can find the entire series online. In the UK you can use BBC iPlayer to stream all six episodes.

Sex Education. Available on Netflix, this British series is even better than I expected. A teenage boy with a famous sex therapist mother and some hangups of his own ends up acting as a sex therapist to his fellow students. And he's pretty damn good at it. It also follows the lives of his friends and an enemy, so it's about much more than just the brief segments featuring amateur therapy.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Jerry Seinfeld returns with several new guests, new cars, and new comedian-style chitchat. I'm rationing this out so I don't burn through the season too quickly, so I've only seen the Eddie Murphy episode so far (and it was great).

Florida Girls. We're loving this new comedy series featuring four friends sharing a trailer in Clearwater, Florida. They have little money and less education, but they've got dreams. Well, some of them do. It's on the Pop network, so if you can find it, check it out.

Mad About You. This sweet '90s sitcom starring Helen Hunt and Paul Riser will be free on demand for Spectrum customers starting today. I loved this romantic, funny show back in the day. For reasons I can't explain, it's also available on Starz. What's more, a reboot of the series arrives later this year on Spectrum Originals.

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