Saturday, October 10, 2015

Streaming video picks worth a click

Streaming options that entertained me over the summer months but I was too lazy to write up until now:

-Peaky Blinders: Love, love, love this drama about a criminally inclined family in Birmingham, England, set after World War I! Based on the real life Peaky Blinders gang, it includes an awesome and appropriately gritty soundtrack. It took me a few episodes to really get into it as I don't always care for harsh, gritty tales of crime and such. But once it pulled me in, it had me. It's kind of a British Boardwalk Empire. Two seasons are available on Netflix. Check out the oh-so-perfect for the mood theme song below.

-Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel: This sci-fi comedy features the adorably clumsy charms of both Chris O'Dowd and Anna Faris. It's fun, silly and pleasant. That may not sound like a ringing endorsement I suppose, but a good comedy is hard to find and this is one you'll enjoy. And it's streaming free on Amazon Instant Video for Prime subscribers.

-Catastrophe: This sitcom about an Irish schoolteacher and an American ad exec unexpectedly finding themselves in the family way after some casual hook ups is loads of fun. It's often surprising and just ever so occasionally a bit disturbing (I think that's unintentional -- the male lead has a layer of menace behind his words a couple of times, and I think it's just his expression and the way he says the lines that may be adding more than is meant. Otherwise, this could turn into a show about a serial killer and that would be a bummer). This also streams free on Amazon Prime.

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