Saturday, May 9, 2015

Choco Wino kitchen: Fun with blueberries

Welcome to my first installment of cooking the Choco Wino way. Like most things in life, kitchen stuff (aka cooking and so forth) is made easier with a glass of chocolate wine in hand. So first things first, pour a little chilled choco wine in your favorite glass, mug or flask, take a sip, and proceed.

I recently found this recipe for Frozen Yogurt Covered Blueberries, and it looks super yummy. What’s more, it’s so easy even I couldn’t mess it up. You just get a toothpick and dip each individual blueberry into Greek yogurt, swirl them around, spread ’em out on a baking tray that’s been covered in wax paper, set it in the freezer … eh, who am I kidding, I will never do that. 

How about this: put the blueberries in a bowl, dump the yogurt on top, stir it up, take a bite. Sip your wine. Take another bite. Sip more wine. Repeat repeatedly. You’re welcome.

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